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1. Merge separate video and audio files into a single file.

Choose a video file and an audio file to merge:


1.2. Merging:

1.3. Merged successfully:

2. Concatenate M3U8 segment files into a single file.
2.1. Add segment files to concatenate:

2.2. Concatenating:

2.3. Concatenated successfully:

3. Extract audio stream from video file and save as MP3.
3.1. Choose a video file and select audio format:

3.2. Extracting:

3.3. Extracted successfully:

4. Convert video/audio files between different formats.
4.1. Choose a video or audio file to convert:

4.2. Converting:

4.3. Converted successfully:

5. Play video and audio files.
5.1. Playlist:

5.2. Playing:

5.3. Dock playlist bar:


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